Life Musings

Story teller – Someone who knits thoughts and incidents into a series of events that are well connected and convey a journey.

I would like to call myself a storyteller ; May be sometime in the future, because I don’t think I am quite there right now.

I have too many thoughts and images in my mind at the same time and so jumbled up that I cannot make sense of many of them, and as I start to organize them, in the process I loose some of them, loose the meaning and essence of few of the others and can collect only 50% of what was going on in my mind.

I tried using pen and paper as well, but still too jumbled up. So I need to sort this out first before I call myself a story teller. And i am working on it one post at a time…….

So for now, I am

Working Professional in a multinational organization, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a confidant, a muse, I am all in one, wear all the hats at the same time and balancing and excelling

I am an avid reader, not a Kindle type, I am a paper bound, parchment loving freak, Handmade blank papers and stationary appeals to me

In these pages I will try to share thoughts on smaller things in life, small things that keep you happy & energized, Celebrating life itself and would try to make it interactive…